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Baysville Trail


Access to trail:

Follow District Road 117 west from Dorset or east from Highway 11 or follow Brunel Road south from Huntsville to Baysville.

From District Road 117, follow University Street two blocks to the arena and park your car.


Distance (km): 2.5 km each direction for a total of 5 km

Total No. of steps: 6250

Difficulty (easy, moderate, difficult): Moderate

Trail Description: From the parking lot, go left on University Street to Howard Street and turn right. Follow Howard Street to Bridge Street and turn right. Follow Bridge Street to Bay Street and turn left. Follow Bay Street to Highway 117. Cross Highway 117 and travel east past Centennial Park, cross the bridge and proceed to North Road. Turn left on North Road and walk to East Road. Turn right on East Road and follow Van Seters Park. Follow the nature trail from the sign in the park to the scenic view of the east side of Baysville. Return to Highway 117 and proceed back across the bridge. Turn right at Cenennial Park to the docks and follow the docks under the bridge to Riverfront Park and dam. Follow University Street back to the arena.

Volkssport Rating: 2B

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